On The Flying Trapeze

June 25, 2015


From Report on Business:

Trusting in the strength of her body to swing on the trapeze at circus school for the first time was equal parts thrilling and terrifying for Catherine Connors.

The daring acrobatics perfectly symbolized the huge risk she took when she left a job she loved at Walt Disney Co. to start her own media development company, Demeter Media LLC.

“When you’re confident in your resources, and your expertise and your talent, that effectively is your trapeze – you can balance in the air, and bend over backward, and contort yourself, and swing and fly because you have that sturdy bar underneath you,” Ms. Connors says in a telephone interview from Los Angeles.

I feel legit now.


A Mompreneur By Any Other Name

July 21, 2011

I’m generally not a fan of mashed up hybrid neologisms; you know, those words that are created out of two unrelated words, like ‘freegan’ and ‘Brangelina.’ But in some cases, they can be useful – fun, even – inasmuch as they allow us to describe something for which there hasn’t previously been a proper name. [...]

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