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Posted by Shalini.

Hi everyone!

What do you use as a camera bag? I have never found a camera bag that was both useful and pretty. It has always been black, ugly but functional. Once we had The Boy, I hated the camera bag even more. It became one more thing for me to schlep around but I always wanted to take pictures and video so I sucked it up and carried it around.

The heavier The Boy got, the worse it became until I had an epiphany. Our cousin was visiting with her little boy and she had a massive diaper bag, it was made for twins. I went right out and bought one for myself. It held everything, toys, clothes, diapers, snacks and I could put my DSLR into it. Yay for massive diaper bags!

So this brings me to my big questing (sorry, we have been watching a little too much Guess With Jess). Do you use both a diaper bag and a camera bag? Do you use a diaper bag that also holds your camera? Do you use a camera bag that also holds diapers? Keep reading…

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