Sunset Dancers

you shall above all things be glad and young
For if you’re young, whatever life you wear

It will become you;and if you are glad
whatever’s living will yourself become.

– e. e. cummings

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Mama Only Wishes She Had Moves Like This

June 7, 2011

When I said, as I did the other day, that I cannot imagine telling the story of my family’s life or narrating my experience of motherhood without the use of photographs and video, this is the kind of thing that I had in mind. This is what I can’t imagine doing without. Videos like the [...]

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Terpsichorean Pieties

April 29, 2011

I would believe only in a God that knows how to dance. – Nietzsche, Thus Spake Zarathustra For filing under Things That You Probably Didn’t Know And Didn’t Think To Ask: all five year olds are fundamentally Nietzschean.

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They Shoot Bad Mothers, Don’t They?

December 11, 2009

I wouldn’t say that we have a problem with the chain of authority in our household, so much as we have periodic breakdowns between management personnel in the Performing Arts Division and Head Office:

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