When I said, as I did the other day, that I cannot imagine telling the story of my family’s life or narrating my experience of motherhood without the use of photographs and video, this is the kind of thing that I had in mind. This is what I can’t imagine doing without. Videos like the one above tell you more about Jasper, more efficiently, in images than I could ever tell you in words. I think.

I mean, I could describe to you, in words, his popped collar and his deck shoes and the fact that he reminds one, a little, of Kevin Bacon in Footloose, if Kevin Bacon were three feet tall and Footloose had been filmed in the ladies’ restroom at an East Side Marios. I could find some pretty good adjectives to describe his peculiar little hip-shimmy and his clever little foot shuffle, and I could probably describe, decently well, the way that music – ‘Say It Isn’t So,’ by Hall & Oates, which, really, is a diabolically ear-wormy little tune – bounced off the bathroom tiles and echoed throughout the room and made me feel as though I was hiding out from my junior prom, if I’d attended my junior prom with a dancing three year old in tow.

But I don’t need to describe those things to you, because you can just click on that little arrow in the video above, and see and hear it all for yourself. Note, too, that this video serves to demonstrate – in a manner than I know I could not accomplish in mere words – that I am, in fact, the sort of mother who videotapes her children dancing in public restrooms.

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