jibosaurus rex

(Hey, buddy. Why don’t you go ask your mom for some chocolate? Or cookies. Yeah. Go get some cookies, would you? Don’t make me roar. You don’t want me to roar.)

Jasper is much more blase about scary things than am I. There’s a lesson for me there, I think.

Whatever that lesson is, however, it is a lesson that I am not up for thinking about right now. Maybe tomorrow.

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A Dinosaur A Day Keeps The Bunnies Away

April 5, 2010

Emilia has decided that she does not like the hollow chocolate bunny that was left for her by the Easter Bunny. “It doesn’t have an inside,” she informs us. “That’s wrong.” “Why is that wrong?’ “Because everything has an inside. This bunny just has an outside. Also, it smells like peanut butter.” “So, you don’t [...]

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Havin’ My Baby

November 23, 2009

No, it’s not what you think. It’s better. Better, even, than one of Emilia’s still life art installations. She calls this one T-Rex The T-Rex With Purple Girl. It’s a reflection on the decline of feminism under post-modern capitalism. It’s all the awesome of bringing forth new life – of a sort – with none [...]

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Jesus In The Sky With Dinosaurs

November 9, 2009

When my father died a few months ago, my daughter drew this picture: ‘This,’ she announced as we huddled over it together at my mother’s kitchen table, filling in the details, “is Grandpa’s Death House. It’s where he lives now.” “I’m sure that he’s so happy that you made him such a wonderful Death House, [...]

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