May 21, 2010

fortyIt’s my birthday. I’m forty years old today. Forty years old. Isn’t this the birthday where I get canes and bifocals as gag gifts and t-shirts that say things like I’m not old, I’m vintage and at least one coffee mug with the words lordy, lordy look who’s forty printed along the side?

I’m not old enough to be forty. Really, I’m not. It’s not that I fear aging or think that anyone over forty is hideously uncool – it’s that I just cannot believe that I am grown-up enough to have the numbers 4 and 0 apply to me in any context other than grade point averages. I’m not a grown-up; I’m a girl in a state of arrested adolescence. Sure, I have kids, but if anything that has only driven the point home more clearly: ain’t nobody here but us childrens. Keep reading…

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Because Partying With Chipmunks And Princesses Is EXHAUSTING

May 17, 2010

I need a nap or twenty, and then about fifty-seven cups of coffee. I’m just not used to being set free to dork out completely without the constraints imposed by, you know, motherhood. And I might have overdone it. We’ll see – check in with me again after I’ve detoxed from the all the fun.

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