Being a parent means never having to say you’re sorry for making your children pose with giant dead-eyed Furries.

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Down The Rabbit Hole (An Excursus On Infinity, The Easter Bunny And Russell Brand)

March 29, 2011

So I went to Los Angeles the other week. While I was there I hung out with Russell Brand and we talked about mommy bloggers, and also post-structuralism, and infinity. No, really: Russell Brand:  ‘Mummy Bloggers’ sounds like a nice saying. What if… it becomes so incorporated into language, so people would just use it [...]

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A Dinosaur A Day Keeps The Bunnies Away

April 5, 2010

Emilia has decided that she does not like the hollow chocolate bunny that was left for her by the Easter Bunny. “It doesn’t have an inside,” she informs us. “That’s wrong.” “Why is that wrong?’ “Because everything has an inside. This bunny just has an outside. Also, it smells like peanut butter.” “So, you don’t [...]

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Easter Morning, April 2010

April 4, 2010

According to current exchange rates, one Creme Egg = one small hollow chocolate bunny, three medium-sized solid chocolate eggs = two Creme Eggs, one handful of pink and yellow jellybeans = three chocolate-marshmallow eggs. One brightly colored hard-boiled egg has no value. Don’t even try to use it on the open market.

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