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22 Sep

Family Sized Blender: The Beginning

Strap in for Jason’s ongoing story. Once a tech obsessed writer/photographer/speaker, viagra pharmacy he thought he had it all under control – until his family grew six sizes. Now he’s trying to fuse everyone together into a single family. This is Family Sized Blender.

How in the hell are we supposed to do all this?

We’ve got six kids, three moms, two houses and a logistics problem that even a good air traffic control would have a tough time figuring it out.

The challenge over the next few months, blend together one family out of what looks like chaos – on paper at least. In the process, we’ll consolidate those two homes into one in time for school, then move again when our new space is ready at the end of November. All that while navigating the challenges of ex-wives, former boyfriends and the rigmarole that comes when trying to raise smart, charming well adjusted children (good luck!).