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Last year, I was called upon to explain how, exactly, I capture the life of my family on camera (I was not asked how I capture the life of my family in words, presumably because WORDS ARE HARD and the art of writing a mysterious and even magical enterprise. I would have said, however, that, to capture family life in words, one just hunkers down and observes and then describes what one sees. Which doesn’t necessarily produce good writing, but still. One might also get one’s self a copy of Strunk & White’s The Elements of Style, and a thesaurus, which can help, a little.) ANYWAY. They – they being Intel Canada – wanted to know specifically about technologically capturing family life, and about capturing it for the holidays.

I said this:

Capturing the most narratively interesting moments of family life is only slightly less complicated than filming meerkats, not least because small children are less predictable than meerkats. Capturing the movements of children on film during the holidays is considerably more complicated than filming meerkats, because during the holidays children tend to be jacked up on candy canes and Santa, and meerkats, to the best of my knowledge, don’t get all that excited about either of those things. But it’s not impossible, and well worth the effort, because although meerkats are awesome, they are not nearly as funny and adorable and documentary-worthy as your own children. You can make an awesome photo collage or montage or video that captures the awesomeness of your family during the holidays, and you should.

I remain convinced of the above – the meerkat thing, and the you should totally do this thing – so I am offering, again, my entirely inexpert advice on how to do it. So, herewith, and humbly, some tips from me on how get adequately amazing footage of your family, whether on digital film or video or sketchpad, and use it to craft some remarkable holiday memories. (Or, Tips For Being An Awesome Documentary Filmmaker/Photographer/Auteur And Creating The Best Family Holiday Video/Photo Album/Virtual –Slideshow-For-Your-Mom-Blog EVER, Even If You Have No Idea What You’re Doing At All, Really. Or, Failing That, How To Get Just Enough On Film So That You Don’t Forget What Your Kids Look Like.) (Read all the way to the bottom! There is music! And PRIZES! And other feel-good things!)

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