So, I finally did it. I broke out the Sauzarita glasses and the Sauza tequila and a whole bunch of limes and I got down with it. Sort of. It was less of a Kittens & Tequila & Firemen extravaganza than it was a tequila-spiked business meeting. Which is, when you really get down to it, equally awesome. Especially since the whole plan had been that it would be a rooftop patio sunset tequila-spiked business meeting, which is pretty much as awesome as it gets.

Except that it rained, which pushed us – me, and my lovely partners-in-start-up-crime Alli, Ana, Barbara and Megan, and also my mom, because what’s a business meeting without your mom? – inside. Where there were children. LOUD children. So it really became less of an indoors NYC loft tequila-spiked business meeting than it did a sort of tequila-spiked cluster that saw us bouncing between the driest and most child-free spaces that we could find. But I kept that tequila in hand, and that made all the difference. That, and the company. I love these ladies, and am inspired by these ladies, and have the most fun with these ladies, and so there’s no-one else with whom I’d rather raise my glass.

Still Life With Sauzarita, And Alli Worthington.


So it was fine that there were no kittens, and no firemen (technically, actually, there were firemen adjacent, because you can see the fire station from my roof. So!) Who needs firemen and kittens when you have tequila, and good friends? NOT THIS GIRL.

(Well, sort of this girl. Which is why I’m posting the OH MY GOD THIS KITTEN SO CUTE video again. Kittens are awesome.)

I’ll still do that Kittens & Tequila Party, someday. Maybe on the day that our humble lady project goes public, or makes its first million. Or maybe just because. Just because, KITTENS.

(This reflection on the proper execution of a tequila-spiked business meeting is brought to you by Sauza. Tequila Kitten: also brought to you by Sauza. Also, tequila. THANK YOU SAUZA.)


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