I’m often asked how I get the action captures in the photos that I upload to Instagram and that I post here, because everyone assumes that if you’re not a professional photographer using a fancy camera, you must have a secret to getting great photos. Well, I’m not a professional photographer, and although I do have a fancy camera, it’s not the one that I’m using to get those shots – those are all iPhone shots, people – so it’s totally fair to ask if I have a secret. I do have a secret. And it’s a ridiculously simple one. Keep reading…

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William Blake Would Be Horrified

June 13, 2011

I wrote last week that the video of Jasper I’d posted said more about him in 25 seconds of moving images and sound than I could ever express in words. The video below says more about me in one minute and 43 seconds of high-pitched squealing and tiger-directed baby talk (you read that correctly; there [...]

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