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August 2, 2011

I need your help. Well, not me. This woman. She’s supposed to be in San Diego this week, receiving an award from BlogHer for her important work, and she might not be, because of her important work. It’s complicated, but also not: Yoani Sanchez is a blogger, in Cuba, and her work is important, and part of recognizing how important her work is involves fighting for her to receive that recognition.

Here’s the story, from my dear friend Ana, who has been working tirelessly to get Yoani to San Diego:

About 6 months ago, Elisa Camahort from BlogHer asked me to join the committee that selected the recipient of the International BlogHer Activist Award. I was honored by the invitation and accepted without a doubt. It was a great opportunity to explore the blogosphere in the world, the bloggers who passionately support a cause and move masses.
I was inspired to find so many women out there making a difference through their blogs. I was thrilled when I learned that my fellow committee members agreed to grant the award to Yoani Sanches from Generacion Y. For those of you who don’t know Yoani, she’s a Cuban Blogger who has literally shaped cyber-journalism. Yoani has received prestigious awards such as Premios Ortega y Gasette in 2008, New York Times Top 25 blogs in 2009, Premio Principe Claud in 2010. Even this year, Yoani received the International Women of Courage Award from the U.S. Department of State.

I called Yoanni with excitement to give her the news. This joy ended after a few seconds, when I learned that Yoani had been denied the “permission to travel” 15 TIMES.
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