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4 Apr

Distress Call!

An Urgent Message From WonderBaby
Attention all mom/mommy/dad/daddy/breeder bloggers: a brand-new mommy (yes, mommy) has an impending crisis and needs advice.

Urban_Mommy, mother to WonderBaby’s brand new deputy-in-training, BoyWonder, is facing a postnatal visit from her mother, with whom relations are, shall we say, strained. Said visit cannot be avoided, and Urban_Mommy urgently requires advice on how to cope with such a visit.

WonderBaby cannot, herself, proffer such advice. WonderBaby’s powers over Nanas do not extend to repelling the Nanas, only to drawing forth the Nanas and their gifts. So WonderBaby calls upon you, her legions of adoring fans and future imperial subjects, to provide this advice and Save Urban_Mommy.

Help them. Save this child and his mother. WonderBaby cannot do it alone.

Today, you may pay homage to WonderBaby, but then you must proceed henceforth to the domain of Urban_Mommy and the BoyWonder and draw upon all of your experiences with mothers/MILs in order to help U_M in her battle. If you have no advice to give, then you may pay homage to WonderBaby and then meditate upon your good fortune in having happy Nana relations.

Go forth, now, and help Urban_Mommy!

WonderBaby Powers: Activate!