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13 Jun

Cupcakes for everyone!

Big things afoot! Exciting things! Read On!

(However, if you hate award shows and self-indulgent navel-gazing, then you may want to skip through to the baby pics and the Big Announcement below…)


In my dark moment of Flickian anxiety, made worse by sleeplessness (am I a desperate over-achiever who wants too badly to be liked? Or am I just tired and INSANE?), a light shines through. Crazy Hip Blog Mamas Member of the Week!

Class president and prom queen rolled into one! And after all that big talk I don’t need to be class president I don’t need to be CBHM-MOW I don’t need no Andrew Shue I don’t care- can I just say one thing? Those were stupid things to say.

I like this. This feels nice. This tiara looks purdy on my bulbous head.

(weird little twirly dance.)

You all are so singularly awesome for voting for me. I love you.

(Blows kisses.) Mm-wah, mm-wah.

(There are no spit stains down my front right now, are there? Good. And the nursing bra, and the titties, they’re all tucked away? Great.)

Where was I? Right – I am so touched and so honoured and this means so much because it’s from YOU and not some stuffy old academy. I’d like to thank WonderBaby, for making this all possible, and Husband, for giving me the big one, and all of my bloggy friends…

(Orchestral music begins to swell.)

No, no, no! Don’t rush me! I need to thank all of my bloggy friends…

(Orchestral music fully swollen. Emaciated spokesmodel in trashy Versace gown pulling – weakly, mind you, she only had a carrot and a Marlboro Light for lunch – at my arm.)

Wait! …um… (frantically uncrumpling tattered napkin with 80 URLs scrawled out in eyeliner pencil…)

(Time and blog space have run short. Fine. I would say check the sidebar for full credits, but I haven’t updated in a while and so many links are missing. So check this. All the Mutha Bloggahs in the house say YO-oh! Yo-OH!)

Oh, and? Thank you to everyone who kept the crickets at bay by reading and commenting on last night’s exercise in sleep-deprivation-blogging. You are true friends to have listened patiently to my manic ramblings on gods and penises and Martin Luther and Tara Reid and Augustine and Judy Blume and the Ancient of the Days and gods and carrots and penises (oh my) – complete with links and disturbing pictures – and to have laughed with appropriate tolerant enthusiasm and patted my head and said shhhh now, sleep…

Made a girl feel almost, I dunno, sane.

But of all the posts to be up on the day that I get CBHM-MOW and new blog traffic, it had to be this one, with all the penises and Classics 101 talk and over-the-top cursing. It’s like – as I said in my e-mail to Kel when I did the interview – having the lottery people turn up at your door with a big ole check and CAMERAS and you answer the door naked. Which, really, is a lesson in making certain that you always have your clothes on when you answer the door (but which, as all nursing mothers know, is sometimes challenging. Yes, I have come close to answering the door with titties hanging out. Too close.) Or making certain that you don’t blog about penises in a sleep deprived state (which, again, all new mothers know, is sometimes challenging.) Anyhoo. Lesson learned.

But I can’t promise that it won’t happen again.

I’m still working her. She’ll do it again.

Now, on to what was going to be today’s post before I was showered with accolades and awards and gosh darn done lost mah head (when’s the Vanity Fair party, BTW?)…


I hereby announce the first annual Great Dad-Blogger Love-In. A bit girly, yes, but better than the Great Dad-Blogger Back-Patting-Circle. No? Okay, how about Great Dad-Blogger Totally Manly Handshake Round?

Whatever. In honor of Father’s Day, I want to do a Love-In Link List for Dads, to run alongside the Great Mommy-Blogger Love-In List.

So, as with the Mutha Blogger Love: This is a summons for shout-outs to your Dad-blogger friends, to the Dad-bloggers who make you laugh, who make you think, the guys-with-babes that you think are awesome. Sometime between now and Father’s Day – or, as with the Mutha Love, anytime that you like – write a post about the men in the blogosphere that have made some difference in your world. It doesn’t have to focus on just one Dad-blogger, but you absolutely must single out the objects of your celebration and give them lots of linky love. When you’ve posted your Ode to Amazing Dad-Bloggers, let the object(s) of your affection know. And then send the link to your post to me, and I’ll put all the links together in a Big Honkin’ Dad Love post in honor of Father’s Day. (Oh, and spread word of this around. As I recently pointed out here, I am not an supah-stah or even a comet or even a random piece of space junk, so word won’t spread if we rely solely on HBM traffic. Talk it up!) The point of this is to make this week the week that Dads get to be Crazy Hip Blog Superheroes of the Week. This week is their week. Make it so.

(Yes! I am commanding! Am drunk on CBHM-MOW power! Am uncontrollable! Mwah ha ha ha!)

Lovin’ her Da


Thanks so much to everyone for visiting the Basement and hanging out and lending support to the chicas who have been spilling their guts there. All of our posters so far have said that you’re all helping immensely. Sistahs are doing it for each other. Mad love.