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5 Jun

Dudes! The Mother of all Lists!

And now, a break from all of the dudish priapica (not that I haven’t been enjoying, immensely, the discours sur les weenies, dudes and dorks, but we must move on), for this announcement:

The Great Mommy Blogger Love-In/Group Hug List O’ Links has now been given its own link in the HBM sidebar. Now you have easy access to the mamas of your neighborhood, with no need to wade through the excess verbiage of HBM’s introductory comments or the endless gallery of gratuitous baby photos. (OK, you love the baby photos. You know you do.)

You wanna piece of me?

So, check it out. Again. New links have been posted as recently as yesterday. Yesterday, people. The links are still coming in.

You all rock.

(Mrs. McFeely’s Weekly Squeeze to resume this Friday…)