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8 Aug

Please Stand By

This ain’t no princess… there be a whole cup o’ peas under that bottom.
(Dictators don’t need mattresses.)


We’re trying – trying – to get some sleep around here. Because, you know, what with all of the excitement of WonderBaby sleeping-through-the-night and napping-in-the-crib (as opposed to strapped down in carseat), it all gets to be a bit much. Tiring.

Well, that and Mommy’s fucking insomnia.

There’s nothing more soul-straining than being wide awake, as night stretches open to dawn, while your baby snoozes deeply. Wide awake, and knowing, in your tired, tired bones, that at the precise moment that your eyelids get droopy, hers will snap open and Happy! Busy! Daytime! will commence.

Real blogging will resume after I have caught up on some rest by knocking myself unconscious by smacking my head against the wall.