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12 Jan

Delurk Now, Or Next Time It’s A Fire Helmet and Slicker

Okay, so? I am actually sort of embarassed to admit this, but this whole blogosphere-wide DELURK NOW OR COWER IN SHAME peer-pressure effort to bring lurkers out of the woodwork is really kind of fun. Not the shaming part (not that shaming can’t be good fun), but the fact that it seems to be working. I mentioned National Delurking Week in a post-script to my last post, and presto! New friends! Is it really that easy? All I have to do is wave at you and beg for a response and you’ll say hello?



(Waving frantically!)

(YOO HOO! Lurkers! Please say hi! I crave attention and approval!)

(Also, if you don’t say hi or at least wave frantically back at me, I will be forced to find more creative ways of exploiting my child photographically so that you will be compelled to leave comments saying OMG-she’s-so-cute!)

(Like, what if I put her in a fuzzy pink jacket and make her put on a giant pair of zebra-print galoshes? Will that do the trick?)




Please. For the love of WonderBaby, say hello.


Oh, and? It’s my sister’s birthday. It’s been tough year after tough year for her, and I want more than anything for her to feel a little joy. She won’t be reading this post today, or even tomorrow, but she will someday, and when she does, I want her to know that on this day, I was sending out a wish for such joy for her, and that I was sharing that wish with you, my friends.

Happy Birthday, C. We’re wishing on the all the stars in the sky for your happiness, and for your peace.