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9 Feb

Cirque du WonderBaby

(Late! Breaking! Edits! And! Additions! Below!)
Featuring the rodeo stylings of the amazing WonderBaby, and her trusty steed, Rocker Moose!

And in other news…

1) Her Bad Mother is a finalist in the Share the Love Blog Awards, in the category of Most Thought-Provoking. I’m not sure what kind of thoughts I’m provoking (judging from my Google search hits, dirty ones, mostly. Sex with a bad mutha, anyone? How ’bout a bad mother enema?), but I’ll take the kudos anyway. And in any case, I’m in good company – go check out the other blogs on the finalist list, and the nominees list, and, while you’re there, kick in a vote for Izzy for Woman Power! and Oh, The Joys for Best Humour Writing. And – OMGIcantbelieveIalmostforgother – Redneck Mommy for Most Inspirational (who I nominated for chrissake) and whose most recent post demonstrates exactly why you should vote for her.

2) If Bad is the New Good, then I think that we can safely say that Selling Out is the New Humanitarianism. Capitalism helps everybody, people. Or, at least, some people. Why shouldn’t I be one of those people? (Coming soon to my reviews page, courtesy of the Parent Bloggers Network: can the 14-month-old WonderBaby learn to read? Do I want her to, god help me?)

3) Okay, so maybe capitalism doesn’t help everybody, but unrepentant pedantry certainly does! Go see what one’s brain on blogging looks like (fried egg, anyone?), and, while you’re there, maybe let us know whether or not you consider yourself to be – gasp! – a Mommy Blogger.

And a late-breaking number four…

4) Bravo to Mo-Wo for this brilliant, heart-wrenching post, a post that reminds us (or should do) to be very, very grateful for the lives that we lead, and the lives that we are able to give our children. Fuck pre-school selection, indeed.

A Just Post Award to you, friend, and a place in the Call to Action Hall of Fame.

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