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22 Feb

The Kid Stays In The Picture

The artist.

The art.

It is possible that the fact that I let my fifteen-month old daughter use my camera and then post the product of her efforts on the Internet is just so much more evidence that I am an unrepentant attention-whore who publicly exploits the precociousness of her child in order to affirm her own identity as a mother on the cutting edge of cool, ailment if such a thing is not incontrovertibly oxymoronic. But it is also possible that I just think that the world needs more WonderBaby.
If any of you Toronto-area parents are looking to out yourselves as desperately hip – or just looking to have a really good time with your children in a venue that is devoid of licensed characters – you could always check this out this weekend. WonderBaby and I are going: just look for a tiny, generic | sparsely-haired performance-toddler, and her bad mother.