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10 Mar

I Am The Cheese

Sometimes, WonderBaby puts cheese on her forehead. Soy cheese slices, specifically, because they have good traction. Real cheddar just won’t stay on there.

Today, I feel exactly like a limp piece of soy cheese product that has been pinched flat by a giant, shrieking toddler and then smushed onto the yogourt-smeared forehead of that same toddler and left to dangle pathetically for an eternity before collapsing with a grim slap onto the cold, hard plastic surface of a Fisher-Price booster seat tray.

And that, my friends, is why I should never, ever drink more than a thimbleful of any alcoholic beverage, and why I should never, ever chase three glasses of wine with three chocolate bars. BAD.

You’ll have to wait for that particular story, and you may have to wait a very long time – that is, unless one of my fellow debauched Toronto mommy blogger friends spills the details – because it is a very silly story and not all that interesting and because I anticipate being unable to even spell the word alcohol for weeks to come.

In unrelated news, you’ll also have to wait to find out what this picture has to do with you:

I know. I am killing you with the suspense.

While you’re waiting, I have a favour to ask. Go check out these posts by Joy and Mad – spectacular examples of meta-blogging at its finest – and give them some thought and leave your comments and maybe – maybe – write your own post. (Leave a comment for me if you do so that I can link to you. ) I’ll be weighing in later this weekend – once the Sauvignon Blanc has worked its way out of my system – and will be soliciting links to posts on the general topics of whence the mommyblogger? whither the mommyblogger? what, the mommyblogger? and WHY? in preparation for our conference panel in Kentucky (hell yeah!) later this month and other academibloggy projects. So, you’re in, right? Share your thoughts?

To get you started (feel free to consider any or all of these questions; suggestions for questions are more than welcome):

1. Who are we? What is a mommyblogger? What kind of mommyblogger (parent blogger) are you?
2. Who are we writing to? Who is our audience?
3. Why are we writing? What is our purpose?
4. What is the context for our writing? What are we saying? What is our message?
5. How does the medium of blogging affect all of the above (that is, does, or how does, the communication of our messages through blogs, bear upon the message itself? Bonus points if you leave Mcluhan out of it.)
6. What kind of citizen are you in the parent blogosphere? How and why do you comment? Link? Give awards? How important is ‘off-blog’ (or inter-blog) activity to the parent blogging community?
7. What are some tried and true hangover remedies that you know?

There you go. Discuss amongst yourselve. Am going to go curl up in a dark corner now…