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23 Jul

Baths, Not: A WonderBaby Jam

WonderBaby likes her friends, her Daddy, her cat and bedtime; could live without Mommy, and baths…

File this under Dubious Achievements, 2007: after many, many hours, most of which would have been better spent pursuing world peace or building her portfolio of paper-clip art, Her Bad Mother finally figures out how to upload video, which is really pointless, seeing as she has the film-making skills of a drunk Luddite with no hands.

Note that, when asked who she loves, WonderBaby names friends, Daddy and the cat before finally coming ’round to Mommy. Note, too, that the focus of Mommy’s camera keeps vascillating between WonderBaby and the bottle of vermouth behind her. These two things are almost certainly unrelated.