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9 Aug

In The Bag

Edited to include more! bags! (Tell me what’s in your bag and I’ll add it, too.)

This is my bag:

Notice that I do not call it a purse. That is because, like my dear friend Katie, I do not like the word purse.

(I also do not like the word moist, which is why you will never see any discussion of Duncan Hines products in this space.)

Anyway, back to my bag: it contains my life, or at least a good portion of it. And seeing what’s inside might tell you a little somehing about that life. So…

My life, as summarized by the contents of my bag:

1: Canadian passport, expired. (I am Canadian, and I have limited life skills.)

2 & 21: Blog propaganda. (Am a blogger, and a shameless propagandist.)

3: Blog propaganda upon which I exploit the image of my child. (Am a blogger, a shameless propagandist and a bad mother.)

4: PunditMom’s magnet. (I like PunditMom, and magnets.)

5: Child’s pink foil party hat. (My child likes to party.)

6: Bliss toiletries, appropriated from W Hotel Chicago. (Have good taste in toiletries and was recently in Chicago. And, have no moral qualms about petty thievery.)

7: Chamomile tea. (I get hangovers.)

8: Moneys. (Have moneys. Not a lot.)

9: iPod Nano, battery dead, earphones missing. (I like music, but not enough to keep iPod battery charged. Also, I lose things. See above re: limited life skills.)

10: Hand sanitizer. (Have post-partum germophobia.)

11: Key to the Doors Of Perception. (Your call.)

12 & 13: Moleskine notebook and pocket Gertrude Stein. (Am snooty intellectual.)

14 & 15: Grooming products. (Am snooty intellectual who nonetheless values grooming, and lipgloss.)

16: Wooden ring of unknown use and origin; not what you think, dirty people. (Have wooden ring; collect random junk; have dirty mind.)

17: Chocolate coin. (Hope to one day travel to Chocolatlandia, where I intend to purchase goods and services.)

18: House key, not my own. (Have lost my keys. But have completely useless back-up key, so no worries! I’ll just climb in and out of windows!)

19: Half-eaten digestive biscuit. (Have child who is ambivalent about digestive biscuits. Also, am averse to wastage, but not averse to eating old biscuits.)

20: Sub-bag, pink, for carrying moneys and credit cards. Not wallet. Sub-bag. (Have issues about naming accessories. Also, have credit cards. Am grown-up, sort of.)

22: Half-eaten Crayons. (Child eats crayons. I feed child crayons. See above re: bad mother.)

23 & 24: WonderBaby’s bag du jour, featuring cowboy image, containing rocks. (Child likes bags, and cowboys and rocks. Also, child makes this mother carry bag of rocks. This mother is child’s bitch.)

What’s in your bag? (If you do a picture, leave a comment or link to me so that I can find it.) (I like snooping in other peoples’ bags. Like Katie’s: check hers out here.)

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