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19 Aug

Wherein I Do National Lampoon One Better

Six weeks ago, there was this:

Now, there is this:

Which, despite its incompleteness, it still a vast improvement over buckets, and so not to be disdained:

Still, it is not enough to prevent us from moving into this for a nine-day (ahem) holiday:

We leave tomorrow, and will set off across southern Ontario and on into New York state, where we will comport ourselves like retirees and hang out in Wal-Mart parking lots and play mah-jongg at picnic tables and drink wine out of boxes. Am packing the knee-length shorts with elasticized waistbands and Tilley hats as we speak.

I’ll be checking in every couple of days with the sordid details of RV livin’, but in the meantime there’ll be some squatters here to keep the place looking lived in. So long as they don’t need full lavatory facilities, they’ll be fine. And there may, in fact, be a party or two.

Just don’t have too much fun without me.