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30 Sep


My sister, finishing, in competition-rank timing, the Toronto Waterfront marathon.

She ran for her son. She ran her heart out. She’s my hero.

These are heroes, too. Walking their hearts out for a little boy that they don’t know, cheering on a mom that they don’t know, just because they can. Because their hearts are so, so big.

Heroes, all.

I’m compiling a list of everyone who pledged this cause (you can still join in, by the way – the pledge site is open for a few more weeks), and everyone who answered Kristen’s call to scuffle for a duck and a vibrator for the cause (it’s not running or walking, but it serves the same end and is no less invigorating.) It’ll go up this week, this list, my list of Tanner’s Heroes.

Thank you. From the bottom of MY heart.

(PS – The doctor’s visit was fine. I barfed and passed out – actually, if you want the particulars, which you don’t, I passed out and then came to and barfed – but I think that that means that a good time was had, if nothing else.)

(Also, this morning, at 5:30am, as I prepared for Tanner’s Walk, I discovered something that I’d like to share with you, for your own personal edification and enlightenment: If you have only one pair of sports socks, and you discover that they have not dried adequately in the laundry during the night, and you’re in a rush, do not microwave said socks in an effort to dry them. You will only steam them, and steamed sweat sock do not smell good. Just thought that you’d like to know. Pass it on.)