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22 Oct

Monday Sucks

You know what sucks? More than Monday? More than all-day all-night morning sickness and the flu combined? More than all-day all-night morning sickness and flu combined and insomnia and a house cluttered up with boxes and piles of wet laundry on a Monday? Finally feeling up for a good bout of writing and crafting an epic post that actually involves thoughts and ideas instead of incessant whining and then losing three-quarters of that post because Blogger decides against all evidence to the contrary that you are not logged in so that when you hit Publish it just drops everything and opens the log-in page having not saved a thing for the last hour. Just in time for the nausea to come back and drive you to the toilet so that you can retch and retch and retch and imagine that you’re retching and flushing the only reasonably thoughtful words that you have produced and likely will produce in weeks.


I’m going back to bed. Wake me up when the world doesn’t suck so much.