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16 Oct

Wake Me Up Before I Blow Blow

So. Facking. SICK.

It’s been coming and going of late, but this week the all-day-all-night morning sickness has been coming with a vengeance. Lay-me-out-on-the-floor-and-wrack-me-with-nausea-when-I-should-be-packing-and-painting-and-trying-to-sell-a-house-and-oh-yeah-caring-for-my-very-possibly-bionic-toddler kinda vengeance.

It sucks, it just really sucks. When do I start glowing? When do I start facking glowing?

Rant over. Please send ginger ale wishes and Diclectin dreams.

And remind me why I wanted to do this pregnancy thing again?

(Right, yes, I know: more babies to love, more familial bliss, yadda yadda. At this point, that may not be enough. I’m goin g to need serious presents.)