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5 Nov

Aaaaaand, I’m Out

That whole NaBloPoMo thing? It’s an OhHellNoGo. Can’t do it. Thought that I could do it. Was wrong.

I had figured, what the heck, I post something online pretty much everyday. Here, or at MommyBlogsToronto, or at Babble, or, now, at MamaPop, and if I’m not writing something original for those sites I’m posting something by proxy in the Basement. The informal rules of the NBPM game have it that you can do your posting anywhere, and I figured, hell, I’ll just link from here with a bit of commentary if the muse isn’t singing, yadda yadda. But here’s the thing: that just feels like a cop-out. The whole point of this exercise was to push myself to write something substantive. And I can’t do substantive if I’m trying to figure out just how to get some text on the screen every day.

That, and it’s kinda hard to keep those fingers tapping when you can’t keep your head out of the toilet. Blaaaaah. Thought that I was on an upswing. Was wrong. The combination of constant nausea and exhaustion and the psychic fatigue of getting and keeping the house looking decent enough to sell is well-near killing me, and something’s got to give.

So what’s going to give is posting every day, just for the sake of posting. I’m only going to post when I have something to say, and when I’m together and rested enough to say it.

Sound good by you? Good. Now, I’m going to go sleep for a day.