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5 Nov

This Old House

Our house, after nearly three years of residency, two years of husband-initiated deconstruction renovations, 10 months without a full bathroom, 5 weeks of manic project-completion and buffing and polishing (99% of which accomplished by Her Bad Father, HBM being currently preoccupied with the inside of the brand-new toilet), has finally, finally, finally been listed for sale.

It’s about time, seeing as we take possession of the new home in five weeks. There was no stress involved in this process, none at all.

This is our house:

Soon it will be our old house (that is, it will be our former house; it’s already old, circa 1880’s old); the house has been on the market for, oh, about an hour now and there are already viewings scheduled.

So, if you’ve been wanting to come visit me, and you want the old school HBM experience, the one with the tour of The Spot Where I Went Into Labor and The Spot Where Wonderbaby Took Her First Nap and The Spot Where Wonderbaby Took Her Last Nap and The Toilet That Has Cradled HBM Lo These Many Weeks and The Bathroom That Almost Wasn’t, then you’d better come soon.

We won’t be here very long. Our hearts will likely linger, a moment or two or maybe longer, and our hearts will always look back, but we – we will have moved on. Happily.