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9 Jan

Bank Of VaJayJay

Wonderbaby’s relationship with her nether regions is evolving. It is, she will have you know, no longer a hole.

It is now a pocket.

A recent scene at bathtime:

Wonderbaby: (pointing to nether regions) Look I got, Mommy! POCKET!

Mommy: Oh, my goodness. How about that?

Wonderbaby: You need a penny, Mommy? (rummages about around the pocket) HERE YOU GO! (triumphantly brandishes imaginary penny.)

Mommy: Thank you very much. I’ll put it in MY pocket (makes dramatic show of putting imaginary penny in PANTS pocket.)

Needless to say, we are now keeping a very close eye on our pocket change. Also, we can no longer say things like ‘pocket change’ or ‘check your pockets for change’ with straight faces.