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30 Mar

The Truth, In Twelve Words Or Less

The truth about motherhood:

The sum of all universes, shat upon, but ever-wiped and diapered.

(Spare and obscure, I admit – and meaningful, perhaps, only to me – but I was simply incapable of even beginning to ponder the question, what is the truth about motherhood according to me?, without either writing a six-volume epic, or a koan. I went with the koan.

If you’re reading this Sunday, you’ve still got time to answer the question, put forward by PBN. You might try to do it as a koan, in one shortish sentence. Be sure to link PBN and Discovery Health if you do it before midnight tonight. Let me know, though, via linkage and/or comments, if you go the koan route – which is, really, just a concise sentence, usually one that articulates contradictions, but it can sound however you like. Your truth about motherhood, twelve words – or so – or less. I’d love to compile them. )

(Look! SusieJ did it! So did Ali-RN! You can too!)

My universes, summarized. (Soon to be universes, squared.)