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18 Jun

Presenting The New, Improved, Basically Almost Exactly The Same Bad Mother!

*tap tap tap*

Is this thing on?

Can you hear me?

(Wow, it feels like I am standing in my underwear onstage, peering into the darkness beyond the lights. Which, yes, is weird. And more or less awkward, although not entirely unpleasant, you know, in the abstract.)

(Wherever you are out there? I am imagining you in your underwear.)

Okay, look, so I know that this isn’t really all that big a deal, in the bigger scheme. I mean, this blog mostly looks the same, sounds the same, acts the same. It is, basically, the exact same blog that it was yesterday. But! I gave it vitamins and scrubbed all of its underparts (well, this lady did, but still. I asked her to) and gave it, like, its very own i.d. and now it could totally go into a bar and buy a drink and flirt with the bartender. Look! It has tabs! An About page! Which are basically like perfume and jewelry for a blog. This blog is now all grown up and come-hither!

So, you like?

(Oh! Oh! I also have a Feedburner link, right up there on the left sidebar! I HAVE BIG GIRL PANTIES NOW!)

Right, so. Where was I?

Oh yeah. You like?