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23 Nov

Havin’ My Baby

No, it’s not what you think. It’s better.

still life with t-rexBetter, even, than one of Emilia’s still life art installations. She calls this one T-Rex The T-Rex With Purple Girl. It’s a reflection on the decline of feminism under post-modern capitalism.

It’s all the awesome of bringing forth new life – of a sort – with none of the nether-tearing or the crazy-making. Well, not much of it, anyway. There was still some amount of Ativan involved, and I may or may not have shouted foul things at my partner about never touching me again, but that’s pretty much just your average Tuesday around here, so.

It really is pretty awesome. And we didn’t even need sonograms or amniocenteses along the way to tell us that it would be awesome – we just, like, knew – and now here it is and we are just STOKED.

Passing out cigars over here. Come help us celebrate!