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10 Nov

Jesus Rode A Motorcycle, And He Liked It

I had my computer open last night, and Emilia saw the picture that I posted yesterday.

“That’s the picture that I drew for Grandpa!”

“I know, sweetie. I put it on my computer so that I could show it to other people. Is that okay?’

“Yeah. Do they know that I drew it?”


“Do they know that that’s his house in Heaven?”


“Do they know that that’s his motorcycle?”


“I like that motorcycle.”

“Me too.”

“Do you think that Grandpa lets Jesus ride it?”

“I certainly hope so, sweetie. I certainly hope so.”

(Failing that – which, seriously, is pretty inconceivable, because a) my dad is a pretty generous guy, even with stuff like precious grandchild-designed pink motorcycles, and b) it’s JESUS – I hope that he’s doing this. Because, yeah.) (Thanks, rawp79!)

(Would still love for you to weigh in on the question from yesterday. You can also check out some of the great answers over at ParentsAsk and Momversation. And then ask maybe ask yourself, what WOULD Jesus do? WITH A PINK HARLEY?)

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