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2 Nov

Time Out

I have – as anyone who follows my Twitter feed knows too well, because I’ve been prattling about this all day – abandoned my children and husband to spend 24 hours in Chicago, mostly to speak about social responsibility and social media (as a guest of Edelman, which commissioned a study on social responsibility) (there’ll be live-tweet coverage here, tomorrow morning, if you’re interested), but also to eat Reese’s Supreme Peanut Butter Cup cookies and to contemplate the unique humiliations involved with being a traveller in a post-terrorist age. Oh, and, also, sleep. I hope. Because this will be my first night away from my kids since my dad died and I pretty much haven’t slept since then, what with emotional turmoil and toddler growth spurts and children with hair-clutching fetishes and respiratory illnesses and whatnot. So, yeah. I will sleep. And dream of making the world a better place, maybe.

That, and Reese’s Supreme Peanut Butter Cup cookies.

(More on the subject – and my history with the subject, which may or may not contain references to Josh Holloway, Gloria Steinem, and Nietzsche – over at Their Bad Mother.)