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29 Mar

That Ain’t Working

I can’t write today. I’m not sure why. It’s not that I’m at a loss for words; if anything, it’s the opposite. Too many words, too many thoughts, too much to say but no will to unravel the tangle of verbs and nouns,  opinions and assertions, declarations and reflections and expletives and neologisms and statements of fact and hunches of gut, etc, etc. Blogstipation, after too many head and heart filling meals of roast provocation with a side of mashed emotions and thinky sauce, and also cake.

So this is all you get: one toddler, rocking out, and some links, while I figure out if there exists, somewhere, a laxative for the emotional-intellectual tract.

jib rock

That ain’t working/That’s the way you do it/You get your diapers for nothing and your sippy cups for free.

1.) My mom derived tremendous comfort from all of your support last week. And it’s given her the emotional wherewithal to move forward. Thank you.

2.) Today’s guest at the Basement needs love and support and understanding. Please to provide.

3.) You could post at the Basement, too. Anonymously, not anonymously, whatever works for you. It’s just a safe place to tell the stories and share the secrets and vent the weirdnesses that aren’t really suited for shouting out to the world from your own front porch. Details are at the Basement, but it’s as simple as this: just e-mail your submission to me, and I’ll post it there. Easy.

4.) “Vapor clouds of toilet effluvia.” They’re just trying to freak us out now, right?

5.) Bad moms love Richard Alpert, possibly more than is healthy or appropriate. Ditto Joss Whedon.

6.) This lady has been having a really, really hard time of it. Please give her a hug.

7.) I was going to write a post about this whole ‘tyranny of the perfect mother‘ thing, but honestly, that’s what this whole blog – and this one, too – is about, so it seemed kind of redundant to just say, um, DUH, see entire archives, and also this. But whatever. For my opinion on the subject, just see the entire archives of this blog, and also this.

8.) Are Canadian bloggers different from American bloggers? Inquiring minds want to talk about it.

9.) I need more coffee. And that blog enema.