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27 May

Adulthood: The Reckoning

sicky jib

Ain't no heart tug like a sick baby heart tug.

There comes a moment in every parent’s life when all the contrary forces of the universe collide – you are scheduled to make an appearance on a television program, say, and are rushing for the train to make it to the studio, and you haven’t yet had coffee because getting the kids to school and daycare was a frantic exercise in wrangling rabid badgers and just as you’re about to hop on that train your phone rings and it’s the daycare and your toddler has spiked a scary fever and is very sick and you need to come get him NOW and so you reverse course and hop in a cab and abandon all other obligations in favor of getting to your baby IMMEDIATELY – and, although you experience that collision as stressful, you kind of just roll with it, because you have to, and you know it, and you’re okay with it, and that, you realize, is maybe what being a grown up is all about.

Maybe. Ask me again after I’ve gone another day without coffee.