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5 Oct

I Was Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop, And Then…

This is turning out to be one of those weeks that is usually described as one of those weeks. I have a really bad head cold. Jasper isn’t sleeping. It’s raining outside. Somebody died, and it was the kind of death that’s difficult to explain to neighbours who catch you on your front porch, sobbing. Yes, I lost someone. She was a reader of my blog. She sent me lots of awesome emails. (I tried just saying I lost a friend, but then the neighbour asked, oh, a close friend? And I was like, well, in a way. She once offered to sacrifice her goat for me. Which was confusing, so I tried to explain, but for some reason, reader of my blog was more confusing than sacrifice a goat. Next time I’m just going to say, distant cousin.)

And I can’t seem to get my shoes on properly.

her bad shoes

Not shown: fully functioning grown-up.

Which is maybe the result of the aforementioned Very Bad Head Cold and the compromised sleep, but I can’t honestly say that it’s not also just a function of me being a twit who lacks proper life skills.

And that’s a little depressing.

(Semi-relatedly: if one – I’m not going to say who – has a 28 month old who is waking up screaming in the night, possibly due to night terrors, although possibly not, because he does actually fully wake up and then start demanding cookies and trains and coloring books – all at much the same shrieking pitch – and not settling back to sleep – in his bed, his parents’ bed, anywhere – for, like hours and hours and hours until everyone is very nearly dead of exhaustion, WHAT DOES ONE DO?)