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22 Nov

Nerd At Work

So I’m trying to renovate this old blog, but it turns out that knocking down walls and building extensions onto virtual spaces isn’t all that much easier than doing so in brick–and-mortar spaces, so there you go. If I could, I’d just set up a few extra chairs and throw a sheet over them and say hey guys! I made my fort bigger! but it seems that there’s no HTML code for ‘sheets’ and ‘chairs’ and that a virtual blanket fort isn’t really a thing, so I kinda have to go with the whole complicated hire-a-professional enterprise and hope for the best. I should probably figure out how to do this stuff myself, shouldn’t I? I don’t even know that I could if I wanted to. I’m about as technically skilled as a drunk Luddite. So.

All of which is to say is, I’m a bit distracted today, and so I’m just posting a picture of Jasper in the blanket fort that he and Emilia made on Saturday after we refused to give them building permits for constructing a turret above their bedroom – Emilia saw Tangled last weekend and wants to leap out of windows on a hair-bungee – and took away their hammers. That will have to do for now.

(If it doesn’t, and the Bad Mother withdrawal just hurts so bad, you can ease the discomfort by revisiting this Win A Windows 7 Phone/Fight Cyborg Hamsters! post – you can comment every day until November 29 for a chance to win a phone or chocolate – or you could weigh in on the Are You A Mommy Blogger debate, for panty-twisting shits and giggles. Or you could visit the Bad Moms Club and consider the unbearable lightness of Wubbies, and/or settle for once and for all the question of whether children really are like zombies.)

(And if you’re still battling the craving, you could go here and vote for me in the People’s Choice category. Because you are people, and I am a choice. Very simple math there.)