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11 Jul

A Portrait Of The Blogger With New Glasses

Or, How I Randomly Decided That I Should Orient My Look More Around The Theme Of Elvis Costello:

I just picked them up this morning, and ever since this morning I have been wandering back and forth between my desk and the hall mirror, checking to see whether or not I really hate my face with these sitting on it. In some of those moments, I totally don’t hate my face – I’m all, ooh, funky Ray-Ban cats-eye glasses I AM SO COOL – and in others, I really do kind of hate my face, and also have to resist bursting into the song Alison.

All that said, I always go through a period of face-hating when I get new glasses, and I almost always get over it, mostly. Still. I’m struggling a bit here. You don’t need to tell me if they’re horrible. You do need to tell me if they’re awesome. Even if they’re awesome in a kind of girly Elvis Costello kind of way, which is totally a category of awesome, albeit one that I never thought I’d personally embrace.

(It’s hard to tell from the picture, but they’re kind of tortoise-shell-y brown. They are big, because I thought that I wanted them a little big. ‘Bold,’ I think is the word that I used at the glasses store. ‘Surprising’ is the word that my husband used when he saw them. He wasn’t expecting me to embrace an Elvis Costello look, either.)