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30 Sep

The End Of A (Movie Watching) Era

Blockbuster Video is closing! Nancy explores what that means for how we get our movie fix…

It appears that we now need another place to get our movies. I know that I should have moved to online quite awhile ago but being creatures of habit my son and I would ride our bike to go pick out a movie on a Friday or Saturday night. It killed two birds with one stone (not that I want to do that) in that we got some exercise and fresh air before sitting through a 90 minute or more movie. But Blockbuster is closing, so I’ve had to do a bit of homework to explore all the new options that have been recently launched in the Canadian market to figure out who’s got what and at what price.

I took some random movies that were recently released and some that were a bit older, to see if they were available and at what price:

And not only do you have to decide from which service to get your movies, you also how to decide how to watch them, since you’re no longer just popping the DVD into the DVD player. My friend Jason from the blog FrameOne is very familiar with connecting technology together and reviews the different products: Mac with an Apple TV, PC and the new up and coming Smart TV.

There are a lot of exciting new ways to watch movies, but still – I’m going to miss those Blockbuster bike rides…


How are you getting your movies for Family Movie Night? Netflix? iTunes? Do you still use DVDs? Will you miss Blockbuster? WHITHER THE POPCORN?

The times, they are a-changin’…