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17 Oct

What Happens When You Put On Shiny Spandex

The New Kids On The Block were never really my jam when I was younger. I was more into Depeche Mode and and The Cure and adorable boy bands just weren’t, you know, emo enough for me. That said, I did know who they were and I did, maybe, know all the words to Step By Step, because I do know a catchy rhythm when I hear it. Also, I did think that Jordan Knight was kind of cute, although you would never have been able to wring that confession out of me, even on pain of smashing all my Smiths cassettes.

And, wouldn’t you know, knowing all the words to Step By Step came in handy when, at the ripe awesome age of 41, I found myself singing that song on a karaoke stage with Jordan Knight. In a SuperGirl costume, of course, because that’s how you do these thing. (Read more at Bad Mother Confidential, where there is VIDEO EVIDENCE. Video evidence that was posted at ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY.)