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22 Mar

Happiness Is A Hand Drawn Infographic

You know that you’ve exposed your children to too much social media when your six year old produces an infographic explaining the relative measure of her happiness to her access to popsicles.

The correlation co-efficient here hasn’t been deconstructed, but my guess – based on the images used – is that the correlation coefficient of the popsicle to her happiness (indicated by ‘H’, and happy face, lower left corner) corresponds roughly to the correlation co-efficient of sunshine to happiness. Which means that we can hypothesize an almost perfect – say, +0.9? – positive correlation coefficient between her happiness and popsicles. The tears, of course, suggest an almost perfect negative correlation coefficient between her unhappiness (indicated by ‘S’, and sad face, upper right corner) and the absence of popsicles. So.

In other news this week: my mother responds to my feminist hand-wringing (and makes me cry). Also, I make a ‘The Next Three Minutes’ list, to run alongside my Life List, which is kind of sad, but also necessary.