We Interrupt This Programming To Bring You Paradise

August 23, 2012


This will sooth even the most savaged soul.

Unless that soul misses her children, in which case it will just nurture and baby that soul a bit, even as that soul aches and frets, which is no small thing, but still. It will, however, also serve that soul tequila, and that will be pretty awesome.

If you’re at all moved to comment on this post – and why shouldn’t you be moved to remark on my Privileged Person Problems, and also my reflections on the soul-soothing qualities of tequila – please consider commenting, instead, on THIS POST, whereon your comment will save a life. (Yes, a life. Every comment vaccinates one child. And we need all that we can get this month.) Yes, I am sort of forcing this, by closing comments here, but seriously: one comment over there = one life saved. That’s worth forcing.

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