Catherine is Editor In Chief of Disney Interactive Family, the author of HerBadMother.com, and a recovering academic who still believes that, given a tear in the space-time continuum that adds six extra hours to every day, she will write the definitive work on the history of mothers in political thought, and/or a children’s book based on Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Emile (not really) (maybe). Her Bad Mother – this blog right here – was named one of TIME’s Top 25 Blogs of 2012. Not ‘top mommy blogs;’ top BLOGS. That said, she proudly claims the mantle of MOMMY BLOGGER, not least because, she’s been called worse things.

Catherine writes, sometimes, about surviving motherhood, sometimes about surviving womanhood, sometimes about trying to make the world a better place, and more often than not about her belief that bad is, really, the new good. (She really does believe that bad is the new good. She wrote a Manifesto. She’s that committed.) She’s done some awesome stuff, including but not limited to: giving birth, twice – once in a truck, almost, and with no epidural, a story that she totally plans to twist into on the back of a turnip truck with a tequila-soaked rag clasped in mouth by the time the child is in his teens – meeting Grover, and being held captive on a Greek Island. She wants to do more, though, because there’s still Elmo, and Madagascar. And she most wants to make the world a better place, for moms and children especially, but also everybody, really, even Oscar the Grouch, who really is just a misunderstood environmentalist.

In her spare time, she practices talking about herself in the third person. She’s getting pretty good at it.

Sundry Awesome:

Her Bad Mother has been mentioned in the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, the American Prospect, the London Times, and sundry other publications, as well as on CNN, ABC, CBC and the BBC online. She has also made appearances on TVO, Lifetime Television, and Disney Family’s ‘Get Hatched’ video series with Teri Hatcher, during which she did absolutely no hatching, contrary to what you might expect. In 2009, Babble.com named Her Bad Mother one of the top ten mommy blogs of 2009 in its list of the year’s Top 50 Mommybloggers, ranking it among the Best Written, Most Confessional, Most Controversial, Most Popular and – drum roll – Funniest mom blogs on the Internet. Then they did it again in 2010. Then they hired her and lured her to New York City, because, really, her awesome was not to be denied and New York City was not to be deprived. And this year, of course, the TIME Top 25. Even her mother was impressed by that one.

Catherine’s writing has also appeared in a variety of on- and off-line publications, numerous books, and maybe one or two papyrus scrolls. She still dabbles in her academic work, which concerns women and mothers in the history of political philosophy, and that stuff almost always comes out on scrolls, which are totally more noble than the Internet, seriously. She also speaks regularly on mothering in the public sphere, blogging family life, women and blogging, social media and marketing, and social media and social good, sometimes all the same time.

her bad tutu hat

She might wear a tutu on her head, IF you ask her nicely. (‘Nicely’ = ‘offer cupcakes.’)


She has life lists. She’s on video. She exploits her children for no good reason at all, really.


You can reach her by e-mailing her at herbadmother at gmail dot com or catherine at babble dot com. Messages sent by carrier pigeon are also welcome. Cookies and cupcakes should be FedExed.

Photo Credits: New York Times; Casey Mullins.

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