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Help Tanner make his dreams come true before he dies.

  1. Like this one: Take his cousins to Disney
  2. And this one: meet an astronaut
  3. And this one: be a cowboy for a day
  4. And this one: visit Sesame Street
  5. And this one: see a dinosaur
  6. And this one: have a train holiday
  7. And this one: be a pirate
  8. And this one: be on television
  9. And this one: have a real birthday party with lots of friends
  10. And this one: meet a Disney Imagineer
  11. And this one: make a dream come true for another boy with DMD
  12. Find some way, discount any way, drug to make sure that he can die at home.
  13. When he passes (*deep breath*) throw a big party with sparklers and cake and fireworks that celebrates how happy his life was, and how rich he made our lives, and pledge to always to do this, to celebrate him, by living our own lives as fully as we can.