You guys. Have you seen this awesome thing? I MADE THIS.

Okay, well, not totally me. I just, like, directed it. Other people did the actual making, mostly. I’m not good with my hands. Anyway. So a bunch of really awesomely talented people built this wonderful thing and made it pretty and a bunch of other really awesome talented people are filling it with content and lots of other awesomely talented people helped brainstorm and develop the whole thing and I was there, doing my best impression of someone directing something.

Anyway, it’s pretty fantastically wonderful, and I’m proud in that chest-puffing big-grinning high-fiving kind of way. You should totally check it out. It will be one of your new favorite things, I promise you.

(I’m writing there, too. About toplessness and strollers and stuff. You know, as one does.)

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