This is paradise. I was there.

I’m home now, though – just – and it’s just as good. This is where my kids are. Where Kyle is. Where my heart is. It’s not wild orchids and palm trees and tropical breezes, but it’s mine, and it’s good.

(Also, I came home to this. For which, ironically, there are no words. Except these: thank you. You helped make that happen. Lives saved, you guys. That’s better than paradise.)

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We Are Vast, And We Contain Multitudes

August 9, 2012

Sometime, about two years ago, I started closing comments on posts. Not all of the posts, all of the time, but some of them, some of the time. I started doing this, not because I’d stopped loving comments – who, who has ever blogged, has not loved comments? – but because I loved them too [...]

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