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29 Mar

Down The Rabbit Hole (An Excursus On Infinity, The Easter Bunny And Russell Brand)

So I went to Los Angeles the other week. While I was there I hung out with Russell Brand and we talked about mommy bloggers, and also post-structuralism, and infinity.

No, really:

Russell Brand:  ‘Mummy Bloggers’ sounds like a nice saying. What if… it becomes so incorporated into language, so people would just use it normally?  “There’s a Mummy Blogger outside!  For heaven’s sake, help her!”

Me:  Or, in your case… “I was tackled by a horde of Mommy Bloggers!”

Russell Brand:  “I was having a lovely time with some Mummy Bloggers and you’ve ruined a perfectly lovely day.”

Me:  You’re turning it into “mummy,” though.

5 Apr

A Dinosaur A Day Keeps The Bunnies Away

Emilia has decided that she does not like the hollow chocolate bunny that was left for her by the Easter Bunny. “It doesn’t have an inside,” she informs us. “That’s wrong.”

“Why is that wrong?’

“Because everything has an inside. This bunny just has an outside. Also, it smells like peanut butter.”

“So, you don’t want it?”


“Can I have it?”


“But if you don’t want it…”

“I’m giving it to Candy. Candy doesn’t care if something has an inside.”

Meet Candy:

23 Mar

Beware The Jabbergum

`Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.

You know that it’s going to be a long day when your four year old gets out of bed with giant wads of purple bubble gum stuck in her hair.

“How did you get gum in your hair? Did you get out of bed last night and get some gum?”

“No. The Gum Fairy put it there.”

“You know that gum isn’t for chewing at bedtime.”

“The Gum Fairy doesn’t know that. She thinks gum is for anytime.”

She went on to explain that this is a longstanding disagreement between the Gum Fairy and the Tooth Fairy, who does not approve of gum on pillows. The Easter Bunny, as might be expected, is agnostic on this issue, as it does not involve chocolate. (The Easter Bunny, we also learned during this discussion, is part kangaroo. “That’s how he can stand up on two legs and carry his basket. Regular bunnies can’t do that.”) One learns much when one asks the question: how did you get gum in your hair?