Today is one of those days, the kind of day in which you get totally stuck on one more or less unresolvable issue and you have to decide whether or not to devote your energies to figuring out if there’s any way, any way at all, of dealing with that issue, part of which involves addressing the question of whether there even is an issue, resolvable or otherwise, and you’re pretty sure that doing so is probably just a waste of energy, because the issue, such as it is or may be, really would defy quick and easy answers, but you’re having trouble concentrating on anything else, so maybe trying to address the issue or not-issue is worth doing, because at least it would get you off your ass. But you’re not sure. So you just sit there. And worry.

So that’s my day! It does not lend itself to narrative exposition, so! Expect nothing more from me.

(While you’re adjusting your expectations, you can go read about how my daughter met a vampire, and why that raised certain questions for me, not least among them, what do I want to teach my daughter about vampires? and should I be hiding my copies of the Twilight series? and where did I put those old Buffy DVDs, anyway?)

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Sometimes It Feels Like, Santa Is Watching Me

December 14, 2009

You never really appreciate Santa until you have children. Sure, Santa is great when you’re a kid and he’s just that big guy in the snowsuit who flies reindeer and brings presents and eats a lot of cookies – which, let’s face it, basically boils everything that is great about childhood – presents, cookies, flying [...]

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Five Reasons You Should Totally See That Vampire Movie

November 17, 2009

New Moon – the second film in the series based upon the Twilight novels (which I will not explain to you here, because, seriously, have you been living under a rock?) – opened last night and I did not go see it. Oh, I’ll get around to seeing it, eventually, but I’m not in any [...]

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