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If I ever set up a FAQ page, doctor this will the first – and possibly only – FAQ (okay, What’s Duchenne’s? would be another, but you can totally just ask Wikipedia that). Why tutus? Tanner’s a boy, right? And he’s probably not into ballerinas or princesses or Cheech & Chong(I haven’t asked him about that last one, but as he’s a grade-schooler, I’m going to go with no), right? So why not, say, motorcycle helmets or spacesuits?

Well, I don’t wear helmets or spacesuits, for starters. But I was going to wear a tutu to kick off a project to raise awareness for DMD research earlier this year. Was, until a stupid little condition involving iron deficiency combined with my legendary clutziness conspired to have me crash into some concrete right before my first run and it was epic fail and I was sad. Which prompted some friends of mine to launch Tutus For Tanner, which in turn led to theBlogHer5K/#TutusForTanner Run, and these have inspired me to keep going and to keep pushing Tanner’s cause.

Also, it’s silly. And it evokes fairies and fairy godmothers and Tinkerbells (KEEP CLAPPING) and pixie dust and wishes and dreams and – what else? – SILLINESS. And silly is good. Silly makes us smile.

And we need all the smiles we can get.