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26 Jun

I Like Baby Butts And I Cannot Lie

I have some pretty cool news to report. Problem is, I can’t yet report it.

Oh, wait: I CAN. Wanna guess? Guess away, and then scroll to the bottom of the post…

(No, not a book deal. Not yet.)

(No, not a new website. I’m full up on websites.)

(It’s a real-life kinda thing.)

(No, not pregnant.)

(God. Would it be weird if I said, I wish, when really I kinda mostly don’t?)


I can’t report it because things aren’t set up enough yet to report it, which, AGH. It’s kind of getting in the way of writing anything else, because my head is full of planning and plotting this super-awesome thing.

I did, however, find enough mental space to comment on the death of Michael Jackson, so, you know, if you’re interested in what a rhythm-challenged white girl has to say about the death of the King of Pop, you could go check that out.

Otherwise, check back here later BELOW! I might do have something cool to report. And, of course, there’s always the babies:

I Like Baby Butts And I Cannot Lie

And their butts.


Yeah, yeah, butts. Are awesome. You know what’s also awesome? ROAD TRIPS.

I’m going on a road trip. With the kids. And this chick, and her kid. Across Canada (mostly across Canada, but whatever.) Yes, we’re insane. Yes, we might not survive, because YES, this is basically I’m A Mom Blogger On A Road Trip, Get Me Out Of Here. Which means a couple of things: 1) if you’re Canadian, we might be coming to a Motel 6 near you. And! We’d love to meet you! SERIOUSLY (leave a comment at the road trip website to get our attention). And, 2) even if you’re not Canadian, you’re going to want to keep an eye on how this goes, because unlike Spencer and Heidi, we can’t just call our publicists to complain about the hardships of life on the road with two batshit crazy preschoolers and a turbo-baby. So when the going gets tough, the mom bloggers are going to have to just keep going. And it promises to be interesting.

So, I’ll be updating here, and there’ll be mile-by-mile accounts at the road trip site and at Canada Moms Blog (the launch of which is our ostensible reason for doing this.) We leave Monday to start the trip on Canada’s east coast. We’ll be counting on you to cheer us on.